April 2022


Most Reliable Compact Dryers for 2022

The Dryers

Compact dryers are amazing dryers that have a small footprint, are easy to install, and can be easily accessed from any height. If you have a broken dryer, you may consider buying a new compact dryer or hiring professionals to fix the broken one by searching for “dryer repair near me”. Let’s check out some of the best compact dryers of 2022.

The Details

  • Euhomy Compact Laundry Dryer – The Euhomy compact dryer is a small yet very powerful clothes dryer that takes care of your drying needs. Since it is made from stainless steel it has a decent build quality and has a capacity of around 2.6 cubic feet. One of its most attractive features is its two-way flip function that reduces drying time and saves energy at once.

The door also has a transparent window that lets you monitor the drying process and check on your laundry load. The dryer can reach a maximum of 140 degrees Fahrenheit with 1400 watts of power and that allows it to dry your clothes quickly without damaging them.

  • Sentern Compact Laundry Dryer – The Sentern compact laundry dryer looks neat and occupies a very small corner in your home. Unlike regular dryers that use a special 240V plug point, this one can draw power from the regular 120V, 60Hz plug point in your home. This means you can install this dryer in any room.

If you don’t have enough space on the floor, there’s no need to worry. The dryer ships with a free wall-mounting kit that lets you make the most out of your real estate. Despite being powerful, the dryer is surprisingly quiet and doesn’t intrude on your daily activities.

  • Panda 3200 rpm Portable Spin Dryer – The Panda spin dryer probably has the most unique look on this list. It has a tall profile that minimizes its footprint as much as possible without compromising on quality or functionality. It also seems much more durable and long-lasting than most other compact dryers in its class.

One of its most innovative features is its safety locking lid. During certain cycles of the washing process, the lid doesn’t open up so that you don’t have a mess in your room. Moreover, it features gravity draining that doesn’t require any drain or sink. This makes it portable enough to be taken on your camping trips.

  • Homelabs Compact Laundry Dryer – This compact dryer is feature-rich without an expensive price tag. It has a front-loading window that helps with easy loading and unloading. With 1300 watts of power and a drying capacity of over 3 cubic feet, it can handle moderately sized loads within a quick time.

It also features five different drying modes and a sleek-looking control panel at the front. Drying programs include mix, airing, extra, smart, and a timed program that can be adjusted anywhere from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours. You don’t have to worry about lint buildup either since it features a 3-layer filter.

  • Barton Premium Digital Electric Laundry Automatic Dryer – At just around 44 pounds this is one of the lightest and smallest compact dryers you can buy. With just 850 watts of power, it can dry over 6 pounds of clothes. That kind of capacity would be enough to suffice the needs of a happy couple or a student living in a small dorm room.

It uses a premium quality stainless steel tub that won’t rust, chip away, or get dented easily. It’s highly efficient to save you money on your energy bill and has an advanced filter to trap all the lint. It’s also quiet and can shut down automatically after drying the load.

  • COSTWAY Compact Laundry Dryer – Costway always offers great value and it’s quite evident from this compact dryer. The dryer features a reverse tumble action that uses less power and takes less time to deliver dry and tangle-free clothes. Moreover, the reverse tumble action also helps to extend the life of the dryer.

Despite its small size it can accept as much as 10 pounds of wet laundry and dry it efficiently. It has four different automatic drying programs, two heat settings and the timer can go up to 200 minutes. It also weighs less than 40 pounds and you won’t need an extra pair of hands to move it around.

  • VIVOHOME Electric Compact Dryer – The Vivohome compact dryer has a user-friendly design with an LED display and control panel at the front. You’ll find four different drying modes that include, air-cooling, half-heating, drying and degerming, and deodorization. With its efficient PTC heating method, you can dry most of your clothes within one cycle without spiking up the power bill.

It also has well-thought-out safety features. For instance, the dryer shuts off automatically when you open the door. There’s also over-heating protection that extends the life of your appliance and prevents your scalding injuries. Noise levels are also kept low. It won’t even hit 50 dB most times and stays out of your mind.

  • YOLENY Electric Portable Compact Laundry Dryer – At less than 38 pounds, Yoleny offers one of the lightest, most portable, and most stylish compact dryers money can buy. Moreover, it has an aggressive price and offers more value than the competition.

It can reach the highest temperature of 155 degrees and has intelligent tumbling action to dry as much as 9 pounds of clothes very quickly. Apart from automatic drying modes, there’s also a  cold air care mode that removes bad odors from your clothes and brings you a fresh batch of dry laundry.


Compact dryers are great for small spaces and studio apartments in cities. It saves you a lot of space and is more than enough for the laundry needs of one person. You can buy a new one from the above-mentioned list if you have a broken dryer. Otherwise, you can search for “dryer repair near me” and hire a certified technician to fix your broken dryer.

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