Top Reasons To Upgrade To 9×12 Rugs!

Area rugs come in all different shapes and sizes, and they’re always one of the best ways for homeowners to tie rooms together from a décor standpoint.

One of the most popular rug sizes in today’s industry is 9×12 rugs, which some rug shoppers consider to be on the larger end of the spectrum. 9×12 area rugs are growing in popularity throughout the entire country in recent years for a lot of different reasons, and they’re a great way to transform a room’s theme or overall mood.

We’ve teamed up with the rug industry experts at Rug Source to develop this list of reasons why you should consider upgrading to a 9×12 rug, so take it from the seasoned specialists in that the following reasons are why upgrading your rug size is a good idea for your home’s décor!

Covering More Flooring Space

9×12 rugs are a great option for any rug shoppers that are trying to decorate a rather large space or room. Because these rugs naturally are very large, they’ll help these bigger residential spaces when it comes to maintaining a more cohesive layout.

No one wants their area rug to make the rest of their furniture appear awkward, and a large area rug can bring together a bigger space in terms of furniture aesthetics. Having a 9×12 rug in your living or dining room will also help set the ambience for the space, particularly when this rug is featured as the room’s centerpiece.

Making Your Room Appear Larger

9×12 rugs are also great for rug shoppers that want to make their room appear a little bit larger than it actually is, and this is because you’ll essentially be able to space out your furniture a little bit more with a larger area rug.

And with more walkway space in between your furniture, the larger the scope of the room’s overall décor. This is great for when you want to impress your guests and make a room seem slightly larger from a visual standpoint. It’s also great for improving the overall ambience of a residential space, because it can help make your room feel a little less cluttered.

Bringing More Cohesiveness To Larger Rooms

9×12 rugs are particularly useful when you need to bring some more cohesion to a larger space, because larger rooms need adequate spacing for things like window views, foot traffic, and other decorative accessories.

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that your room’s furniture should at least have its front legs on top of the rug, because this will help provide enough spacing while not making the room feel too crammed.

Cohesion is absolutely critical for every home’s décor, and 9×12 rugs just so happen to be a great option for interior design themes that rely upon these types of spatial relationships.

Making Intimate Areas Feel More Comfortable & Cozier

9×12 rugs are also a great option for bedrooms and other intimate household areas, because placing these larger rugs underneath a bed will fit the bedside furniture together in a way that looks great and creates a cozy ambience.

Your bedroom can sometimes look much larger with a 9×12 rug, while simultaneously feeling more comfortable. This is a preferred décor setup for countless homeowners, and it’s something that rug shoppers should highly consider while decorating bedrooms.

Other Décor Tips When Decorating With 9×12 Rugs

There are many other interior design and home décor tips that 9×12 rug shoppers should keep in mind, including:

  • The area rug should be one of the larger design elements within the entire room
  • You should always leave some visible floor space around your 9×12 rug
  • Be sure to leave adequate walkways around your rug and furniture setup
  • Consider the proportions between your rug and the rest of your space
  • Be absolutely certain that a 9×12 rug is the right size prior to purchasing one

Contact The Rug Source Team To Check Out Their Vast Selection Of 9×12 Rugs!

There’s so much to love about 9×12 rugs, and the above list of reasons is just the beginning in terms of why this rug size could be a great option for you and your home.

You can learn more about 9×12 rugs by speaking directly with the Rug Source experts via the link located at the top of this page!

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